It seems as if in this season all eyes are being placed on David Moyes, with some fans stating that he needs to leave the club if they want to recover the glory of their past years while others insist in saying that the Scottish coach just needs time to settle in Old Trafford.

Drawing against the relegation zone club Fulham and later getting yet another draw against Arsenal, it is quite obvious why Moyes is at the center of the media spotlight. He took charge of the same squad that were claimed as the champions of the Premier League back when Sir. Alex Ferguson was in charge of the club and now they are struggling just to even secure a spot in the top 5 of the English league.

Roy Keane is the latest to voice out his opinion about what exactly is happening in Manchester United as he stated that the problem is not David Moyes but instead pointed fingers to the club which has been ‘’cutting corners’’ in these past few years.

"They've kind of cut corners in terms of transfers in the last few years, they've not gone out and got the big players, and it's just caught up with them this year. I think Man United needs five or six players. If it happens in the summer then instead of being fearful of it, embrace it – it's exciting. These can be exciting times for Man United. Get them back to the very top where they belong," he told

While it certainly is true that Manchester United has had some high profile players leaving the club on the past few years, there has also been a number of them arriving to Old Trafford including: Van Persie, Fellaini and Juan Mata just to name a few.

Even with the arrivals of those players, United still seem to be struggling to find rhythm and pace in the Premier League and many are starting to question if Moyes is really the man to follow the legacy which was left behind by Sir. Alex Ferguson.