Chelsea is riding high at the top of the Premier League but there still an evident struggle that continues on being displayed in the squad which is their inability of having a consistent striker.

This is a concern that Jose Mourinho is well aware about as he has announced it to the media on a number of occasions and at some points it has even caused problems with certain players of his squad.

Every time Fernando Torres starts displaying flashes of brilliance, he gets knocked out with an injury or the spark simply disappears until the next 3 weeks or so. This is something that a club cannot rely on and much less a club that is making a serious charge for the Premier League title.

Samuel Eto’o has made impressive performances since his arrival to Chelsea as the Cameroon forward is trying to demonstrate that even at his age, he is still capable of scoring goals and keeping up with everything that is thrown at him but the fact of the matter is that he is only a temporary solution for Jose Mourinho, it seems highly unlikely that Chelsea will be relying on Eto’o for another season.

Demba Ba’s season with Chelsea is very similar to the rest of the attackers but only worse. Ba has seen less playing time than either Torres or Eto’o and it does not seem like it’s going to change anytime soon.

Lukaku has established himself as a vital figure for Everton which is why Roberto Martinez is trying to keep the Belgian with the club on a permanent basis but if Jose Mourinho’s attacking crisis continues it seems hard to believe that he will be allowing Lukaku to remain with Everton on a permanent deal unless he can sign another high-profile target such as Falcao, Balotelli or Mandzukic as all of those are players which Mourinho has displayed interest for in the past.