Chelsea manager José Mourinho has said that he is only interested in bringing Wayne Rooney to the club and not any other player before the end of the transfer window.

Chelsea recently made an official offer for the 27-year-old England international amidst a lot of speculation that the club would also offer Juan Mata and £ 10 million in cash. However, Mourinho has rejected the speculations by saying that Chelsea have made only a cash offer and it does not involve any player swapping at any stage in the negotiations.

Rooney handed a transfer request to United a few months ago and he is currently back at the club in order to recover from a hamstring injury suffered recently during the pre-season tour. PSG, Barcelona, and Arsenal are the other clubs interested in his services, but he is keen to link up with Mourinho. The Chelsea manager has made no secret of the fact that he would like to bring Rooney, who he sees as an ideal player for the Chelsea set up. Moyes recently stated that Rooney will be a backup to Robin van Persie, which is thought to have Rooney's position untenable at the club.

Mourinho has said that he intends to make Rooney his main man at Stamford Bridge in the coming season.

"We want the player. Now it's up to Manchester United. I think that this situation is clear - nothing is a secret any more. The official bid is just about a certain amount of money and doesn't involve players. We made the bid and now we have nothing more to say," said the Portuguese manager. "Overall, my thought on Wayne is that if for any reason we had an injury to Robin van Persie we are going to need him," said United manager David Moyes last week.