Former coach of the Three Lions Sven-Goran Eriksson has urged embattled current skipper of the team Wayne Rooney to consider a move to the Chinese Super League should he decide to exit Manchester United.

The record club scorer for the club could leave the side this summer as he falls in the pecking order. He wants to remain at the club but his huge wage bill and current offerings might force him to exit the side, at least to preserve his legacy.

Eriksson said Rooney would have a positive experience if he moved to China. On his family, the manager claimed there were “international schools in the big cities” and that any club he would sign for would help him settle. He hinted at a transfer to either Shanghai or Beijing where there were “a lot of foreign people” to manage the language barrier.

“I bumped into many Swedish people in Shanghai and many Europeans live there, working for big companies. And, don’t forget, the players get treated well. They have everything they need and are very well looked after, so for someone like Rooney or Diego Costa that would not be a problem,” the experienced coach added.

If Rooney wants to remain in England, he would have to take a major pay cut. But moving to China would likely be an end to his international career aspirations. Rooney has major decisions to make as it affects his wages, career direction, international status for England and his young family, his club legacy, fans and many other factors.

With Atletico serving a transfer ban, Costa seems likely to move to the Chinese Super League after his exit from Chelsea.