David de Gea has rejected talk of dressing room

Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea has rejected talk of dressing room unrest and he says that captain Wayne Rooney still has an influential role in the squad. United have been going through a terrible run of form that has begun the talk of dressing room unrest.

The team were top of the table only a few weeks ago, but they have now slipped outside the top four as a result of a winless run that stretches to 6 matches in all competitions. A number of key players have gone missing during this period and this includes Rooney, who has been unavailable due to an injury.

Rooney has been far from influential in the team’s results this season. It has been down to a combination of poor form and being played out of position. Manager Van Gaal has favoured striker Anthony Martial upfront while Rooney has had to play in a much deeper role. Even though he has been carrying out the instructions of the manager without fail, many believe that the talent of the former Everton striker is being wasted. Further, it has also led to talk aboutRooney losing its importance in the dressing room despite being the captain. Goalkeeper De Gea confirmed that it was not the case and that Rooney keeps the squad intact under all circumstances.

“As our captain he has a big personality. He always tries to motivate us. When things are going badly it’s always him who speaks up and encourages us.He’s breaking all kinds of records for goals scored and games played and I reckon he deserves it as he is such a great player.And he’s the same off the field. He’s the club captain and he’s the one who has to do the talking and motivate us. That’s what he always does.There’s a great atmosphere. The dressing room is very together and united,” said De Gea.