It’s been over 1 month since Steven Gerrard announced his retirement from playing international football and representing his country England, ever since then a series of rumors started being triggered around concerning who would be the player to take up the captain armband of the England national football team with Wayne Rooney turning into a favorite for many people.

The iconic player of Liverpool, Steven Gerrard has voiced his opinion about which player he thinks should be the next captain for England as he went on saying that Rooney would be an ideal choice.

Steven Gerrard told the media: "So why do I think Wayne is the No 1 choice? For starters, he is a natural leader. Aside from being a top player, one who commands respect within the group, Wayne is passionate about representing his country and won't be fazed by the responsibility. Before a game, he is one of the most vocal players in the dressing room. He wouldn't be afraid of speaking up and talking to someone one-to-one, telling them what is expected. As far as I am concerned, there is no more worthy candidate to take over.

It seems like every single time there is a discussion involving Wayne Rooney even supporters of Manchester United do not seem to be in accordance with each other as some fans are happy to hear the news about Rooney being a favorite of taking up the captaincy role not only in England but also for Manchester United.

While there are other supporters that do not agree with this decision as they say that Rooney is certainly a talented player but he does not have the leadership abilities that a player has to have in order to take up hold the armband which designates the performer as the captain of a particular squad.

The next captain of England is expected to be announced soon and whether or not its Wayne Rooney, it has to be someone that can lift up the spirit and morale of the team after going through such a disastrous World Cup.