Wayne Rooney thinks team is benefiting from Louis van Gaal

The captain of Manchester United and of England, Wayne Rooney believes that his teammates of Manchester United have been benefiting from the winning mentality of Louis van Gaal as the Dutch coach is only happy when his team wins and this determination has affected the rest of the players in the team who are now aiming to win every single match even if that is a friendly match or the finals of a big tournament, winning is everything that Louis van Gaal wants to achieve.

The 29 year old English forward, Rooney said: ‘’If you ever want to talk about anything, whether it’s about football or other things, the door is always open to you. You can speak to him. He is 100% serious when it comes to training and games but, if you’re speaking to him about things other than football, he’s a genuinely nice guy.’’

"In terms of training sessions, every session means something. Even if it’s a little game, he wants the team who he is working with to win. He’s not happy if we don’t win. So his determination and will to win is incredible.’’
This determination and mentality that Louis van Gaal has is something that David Moyes appeared to have lacked during his managerial career at Old Trafford and was one of the reasons on why he was sacked after only 10 months.

Manchester United’s playing style in this season has been heavily critiqued as it’s not the most impressive fast pace in the Premier League but even though it has been labeled as boring and unimaginative, it has somehow managed to put the team of Louis van Gaal in the top spots of the English League and at this point that is all that matters.